Kasidie Swingers Club Review

Kasidie swingers clubKasidie is a meeting club not exclusive for threesome but for swingers, most expecially couples who have the intention of hooking up with swingers who shares the same interests with them for sexual escapades and social functions. With an enticing tagline “Sexually social”, you should have an idea of what you are about to explore. It has one of the most seductive words that will attract a first-time visitor as there are various slogans like “Remember my name, you’ll be screaming it later”. No doubt, Kasidie is one of the websites that have huge followership of swingers on the internet. It provides a robust platform for swingers to meet each other.
How Kasidie works
Like most swinger websites, new members can register as an unmarried individual or a couple. After registering, you will declare your level of interest in a broad variety of sexual fantasies with various swinger language like “hall pass” and “soft swap.” As new members who just joined the website, you will receive instructions to upload some raunchy pictures in your profile as the aim is to ensure your profile attract those who are interested in sexual activities to you.
Features of Kasidie club
There are various options for meeting persons on this website. For instance, we have the Rendezvous feature enable you to inform anyone that you are available and request for a sexual encounter that will last for a short period. This short-term contact can be rated on a scale of 1 to 5 on a device on the site called “Sexometer” posted with each request. Members of the site who travels can also share their location and availability.
Another feature is for persons searching for friends who are interested in group encounters or social events; it also has the prospect of sharing parties which other swingers can also submit the request for an invitation. They have different classes of events on Kasidie, and these are as follows;
Club Events which are shown according to your location, National events, and International events. There is an opportunity for swingers to meet through a direct messaging option on search and chat rooms or join some of the numerous groups available on the website.
Kasidie Pricing
Registering with a free basic account on Kasidie is simple, but one-month subscription cost $19.95 while you can pay for the three-month subscription at $15 per month thereby saving you 25% for paying at once. Paying for a six-month subscription will give you the opportunity to pay at the rate of $12.66 per month which offers you 37% savings while an annual subscription will attract a payment of $10.82 each month which saves you about 46% in the long run.
According to my observation, Kasidie is a great website to hook up with swingers. The process of sign-up is simple as you are required to upload a profile picture and must choose a valid city as your base. Answering the questions presented by the website will make the site know your potentials and sexual preferences. The Travel and Rendezvous features on the platform provide an avenue for singles and couples to satisfy their lustful desires while at home and on a trip. Other features such as club events, parties, national and international events offer members an opportunity to create friendly relationships that could culminate into a long-term friendship. This does not take away the fact that the website is designed for persons who want to have sex with each other in real life.
Your safety should be a priority as you are not expected to use your real names to register as a member. You can also hide your identity by blurring out some images of yours. All messages shared on the platform are hosted on the website’s internal email system. If you feel suspicious about a member, you can report or block that user. The site contains Privacy policy and Frequently Asked Questions page where you can get more information to guide you. It has a shopping section for toys, lingerie and accessories. Nice place to make friends and hook up with swingers.