3somer APP Review

3somer appAs the name suggests, 3somer App has been created for those interested in exploring their sexuality and indulging in threesomes. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or a couple, looking to spice up your sex life, this app has been build keeping your needs in mind. It is to be born in mind that 3somer isn’t the ideal platform for those seeking true love. The app can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Google Play app store.

threesome ios app    threesome android app

Paid Subscription

3somer is a free app but there are premium subscription options available for those who’d like to make the most of this service. However, the subscription plans are aggressively priced making the site extremely affordable. If you’re looking for a free dating site that serves your purpose, 3somer is the place to explore right now.

  • 1 month subscription: $15.49
  • 3 month subscription: $34.99
  • 6 month subscription: $65.99
  • 1 year subscription: $99.99


It wouldn’t be fair on our part to compare the 3somer app with the likes of industry leaders such as Tinder and Match.com, which don’t really cater to this bracket of the audience. However, you’d still come across a fair deal of essential features that should help you find the right people.

  1. Register yourself as single or couple: The fact that this site is made for those seeking threesomes makes it ideal for both singles as well as couples. While the website serves a global audience, most users on the website belong to either the United States or Canada.
  2. Manually reviewed profiles: Unlike other dating sites that rely on computerized algorithms to distinguish fake profiles from the real ones, 3somer boasts of a dedicated team of reviewers that check every new profile. This helps in significantly reducing non-genuine users on the website.
  3. Free registration & chat: Not only would you be able to download the app absolutely free of charge but also create a comprehensive profile. Unless you’re keen on using advanced features such as chat and don’t wish to see advertisements, upgrading isn’t required.
  4. Find: This is a Tinder-like feature that allows users to swipe left or right to show their interest for a user. Once a mutual connection is established, users are able to chat with each other.

While it wouldn’t be right to say that the 3somer app is an absolute game-changer in the global dating segment, it is certainly an amazing platform for singles and couples looking for threesomes. The subscription options are reasonably priced and the availability of chat and spark features add to the overall dating experience. All in all, unless you’re looking for the love of your life, 3somer is a great app and should be able to satisfy your needs.

threesome ios app    threesome android app

Thrinder (3nder) vs 3somer: Which App Do You Prefer?

Note: Thrinder has changed its name to feeld, and it’s no longer a threesome dating app.

3Somer is the only threesome dating app now.

Our sexuality worth the exploration. But that can be complicated. Modern society still has an outdated judgment and people are afraid of being exposed under a negative light. Nevertheless, the world is becoming more liberal, promoting personal freedom.

During these days of technology and communication, getting in touch with open-minded people with similar sexual interests is easier than ever before. Massive Internet communities focus on connecting people with similar goals, allowing them to explore their sexuality to unparalleled levels.

A great example of this are Thrinder (3nder), now called Feeld Dating, and 3somer: two extraordinary smartphone apps that allow us to be in touch with bold, loving people.

Feeld datingKnowing Thrinder App, Now Feeld Dating

We must begin with the Thrinder app (3nder), which is a market-leading community for people with similar sexual interests. It was recently renamed as Feeld Dating, but a huge fanbase still refers to it as Thrinder (3nder), which seems to be a clear reference to Tinder.

The Thrinder app allows single users and couples to match with other individuals, safely, with no requesting of personal data, allowing private and group chat, and also offering an interesting feature of self-destructive photos that comes handy.

Available on the Apple app store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/feeld-dating-for-couples-singles./id887914690?mt=8
Get it on the Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.feeld

3somerKnowing 3somer

The more recent  3somer app aims to compete with Feeld Dating, offering a fresher community and slight geolocation improvements. This app allows us to find registered single users or couple as well, interact with them, and plan a threesome encounter.

A great perk about the 3somer app is that profiles are manually reviewed by the staff. This is highly useful to avoid scams and people sabotaging the right function of the environment. Although, this is only possible because the number of members is still limited.

Available on the Apple app store:  threesome ios app
Get it on the Google Play:  threesome android app

Which Is More Popular?

When it comes to dating apps, popularity is important. Now, you must consider both Thrinder app (3nder) and 3somer app as highly particular dating communities, so the user count will be lesser.

Because of this, we are going to get a higher rate of success in the most popular platform, right? Well, this is not a fixed rule. Bigger communities also imply more imposters and trolls, so it’s up to you. The Thrinder app, now Feeld Dating, is more popular because it has more time around.

Which One Cares More About Privacy?

Planning threesomes can be exciting but also frightening for inexperienced singles and couples. Because of this, privacy is a must. While the Thrinder app (3nder) holds a bigger community, privacy problems are more common as a direct consequence.

Here, we have to say that the 3somer app has a serious advantage. The community is in its early stages and the staff can precisely take care of privacy, guaranteeing the best conditions for users.

The Bottom Line: Which One Do You Prefer? It’s up to you!

While both apps focus of threesome matching for single and couples, there are clear differences. On one side, we have the Thrinder app (3nder), now called Feeld Dating, with a much bigger community, a solid software, and great reputation. This comes with privacy risks and plenty of unwilling people.

On the other, the 3somer app is smaller but feels cozier. The growing community has bigger chances of engagement and the staff manually reviews profiles while guaranteeing privacy. Unfortunately, users have reported serious problems with software.