Thrinder renamed to Feeld – Meet not only 3some but also kinky, curious and open minded couples and singles.

The Thrinder stories starts with a lawsuit from Tinder, threesome app Thrinder (3nder or threender ) has renamed and rebranded itself. “The dating app for open minded discovery unrestricted by sexuality, gender or relationship” now goes by Feeld, and wants you to use it for whatever weird free love you like, not just threesomes(but also threesome)!

Thrinder websiteThe changes come after a lawsuit from Tinder, who sued saying thrinder infringed on their trademark and misleading users. Apparently more than 1.57 million iOS and Android users have downloaded the app formerly know as 3nder since it was launched in July 2014, which is strange to me, because I’ve tried the app and it’s sparser than the moms pubis after a laser removal session. However, the upside of 3nder, I mean Feeld, is that it’s honest. Searching for a third on Tinder is a precarious sport. Sure, it is possible, but you have to create a couple account on an app built for singles, and accidentally swiping right on a horny couple when you are’re just looking for a nice man to take home to mom is understandably annoying for many singles.

The app that brings two hearts plus one together with a mobile app, its name was one but now is gone with a mighty legal slap.

Too close for Tinder’s rights of copy its name was fought but then repealed. Changing after getting stroppy from Threender to the saucy “Feeld”.

Feeld is buggier than Tinder, but with its variety of sexuality and relationship status options, there’s no trickery. It’s straight to the point, which is exactly what you want out of a threesome app, even if the majority of users seems to come with feather hair extensions.

I am a person in a relationship actively searching for a third. I have deleted the app previously know as Threender and turned to Tinder for the benefit of more matches, despite the trickery that comes along with unicorn hunting. However, after being alerted to the rebranding, I re-downloaded Feeld and deleted Tinder, and the only change I’ve notice since downloading the new Feeld is that more people seems to be on it! Ironically, by suing Thrinder and forcing them to open up and rename, it appears Tinder may have fucked themselves by alerting more users to Feeld’s existence, and appealing to the kinky crowd who is interested in more than just threesomes(but also threesomes)!